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Monday, March 4, 2013

Super Easy DIY Wedding Ceremony Fans

DIY Wedding Ceremony Fans

My wedding is in June and I will probably be hot in Boston so I thought it would be nice to give my guests a fan and since I needed a ceremony program as well I just put the two together. My fan design is very personal to my husband and I think it just make the whole wedding ceremony experience little more intimate. My design is an arraignment of post it notes that my husband Rafael has given me over the years. I have a box of his post it notes from over 7 years ago and I have kept them all! I’m sure you will think of a way personalize your program fans as well. On the back side of my fans I put the limo shuttle schedule. This is specific for my wedding but the great thing about DIY is that you can customized anything to suite your personal needs.

Things you will need:
  • ·         Fan Handles – I found some great ones on EBay!
  • ·         8 ½” x 11” Cardstock Paper – I used a 100 lb cardstock
  • ·         Double Sided Tape – You can buy it in bulk at Staples
  • ·         Your Design – I used Photoshop
  •         Buttons
  •         Ribbon
  • ·         Round Corner Cutter – Available in most craft stores

Step 1:

Create your design! I used elements from my wedding invitations but I also added scanned images of my husband Rafael’s note to me. He is the best note giver and I cherish all of the notes he has given me over the years. I thought they would be a cute way personalize my ceremony fans.

When you design your fan keep in mind you will be folding the letter size paper in half the long way so when you start make sure your paper is landscape and you design a front and a back. If you’re not a computer geek like me you can always paint or draw your program and scan it and then print it.

The information I included in my program wording is as follows:

June 16, 2012
MIT Chapel
Cambridge, Massachusetts

·         Processional  “Everybody’s Free”
·         Welcome
·         Readings
o   Maria Fernanda Luna
o   Jose Luis Luna

·         Charge to the Couple
      Your task is to talk, to listen and to grow;
To talk, because one must share of oneself to communicate with the other;
To listen because what the other has to say matters deeply;
To grow in dignity, each following along the paths that are his or her own to
follow, becoming all that each is capable of becoming,
while giving the other supporting love.
To grow in love; this is the crown of marriage,
To grow in the love of life, the love of growth, and the love of becoming;
The love which gives courage,
Which does not cling, but bestows freedom,
Which does not hold back, but makes bold for growth,
Which stands fast in disappointment and sorrow,
Which endures through frustration and pettiness,
Which seeks to keep the relationship open;
And which is confirmed by answering love.
You have set yourselves on this road,
You have chosen to walk it together;
Thus you will make a marriage.

·         Exchange of Vows
·         Exchange of Rings
·         Blessing
·         Proclamation
·         Recessional  “ Kissing You”

Step 2:

Now that you have your design start printing them out on your cardstock and fold each one in half making an 8 ½” x 5 ½” sheet.

Step 3:

Place a 3-4” piece of double sided tape on one side of your fan handle and stick it to the bottom center of your folded program. Tape around the edges and across the middle of the program and sandwich your fan handle inside the folded program. Seal tight and repeat for all of your fans.

Step 4:

For a professional touch use a round corner cutter which can be found in most craft stores and start cutting the 90 degree corners off. At this point you can add ribbon or any other embellishment you would like. I kept my simple but go crazy if you want!

Step 5: 

I added some cute buttons and a ribbon bow to each handle for an extra touch. 

Now you have your wedding ceremony program fans. These serve many purposes! They give your guests information, a way to cool down on a hot day, and a little personalized touch for your wedding ceremony! 

Enjoy and I know your guests will!