Visit Mee on my Website!

Visit Mee on my Website!

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Personalized DIY Wedding Invitations

I started my invitations with a free hand drawing of a peony. I loosely water colored over my original pencil drawing and scanned it. I used Photoshop for the layouts and cameos, Illustrator for the text, and Auto Cad for the ribbon pattern. 

My watercolor of a peony. 
I took photos of my silhouette and of my husband's to make our personalized cameos! I love putting a personal touch on things. 

Many hours later I'm done! My suggestion is to get someone to help you. If one person is cutting and the other is putting the pocket together and stuffing the goes a lot faster! Now I'm glad those are done! Now I just want the wedding to be over! :)

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