Visit Mee on my Website!

Visit Mee on my Website!

Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Ostrich Feather Embellished Wedding Menus

Since my wedding colors are ivory, dusty rose, and gold. I wanted to use touches of each color in my table decorations. The plates are ivory with a gold trim, my flatware is gold, and the linens are a ivory satin. The centerpieces have gold, ivory, and pink touches to tie all the colors together.

Things you will need:

Your own menu design
Your own menu wrapper design
Light Pink Ostrich Feather – Bought on Ebay
Double Sided Tape

Things from around the house:

Metal ruler
Box cutter knife
Cutting mat 

Step 1:
I used Photoshop to design my wedding menus and the menu wrappers. I used elements from my wedding invitation design to tie together the theme.

Step 2:
I printed out the menus and the menu wrappers as shown below. 

Step 3:
After printing out all the menus I cut them all out and put them in piles of 10.

Step 4:
I took one wrapper and folded the edges back around the menu. After you fold the edges back around the menu cut two slits at the top and bottom of the wrapper for the feather. My wrapper was too short so I cut another smaller piece and used double side taped it to make a full loop over the menu. If the wrapper is long enough then you can just use the double sided tape to make the loop around the menu.

Step 5:
Once the wrappers are fully taped and cut start to loop the feathers into them as shown below.

I hope my guests will like the soft look of the pale pink ostrich feathers at their place setting.
The best part is that I made these myself and I put my personal touches and saved money on the table decorations for my wedding!


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    1. Hello Zonia,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Many of the project that I show on my blog are going to be elements in my upcoming wedding. After the wedding I will post the finished professional photos of all my little details. Hope you will enjoy them!

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