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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Cake Topper Tutorial

What you will need:

2 Wooden Eggs - From Michaels Craft but can be found in most craft stores.  
2 Wooden Balls with Flat Bottoms- From Michaels 
Buttons - Had some extra hanging around the house. 
Pearl Stickers - Michaels 
Acrylic Paints - Michaels
Set of Small Paint Brushes 
Black of felt or black paper - Had it around the house. 
Netting for the veil

Things from around the house:

Drill with a 1/16” wood drill bit 
Elmers Glue
Glue Gun
Black Felt Marker

Step 1:

Drill a hole at the top of the wooden egg where the wooden head will be placed. Be careful to not put to much pressure on the drill, not to let the drill slip and hurt your hand. If you feel more comfortable place the egg in a vice and then drill the top. The hole at the top of the egg should be about a ¼” deep. 

Step 2: 

The egg heads that I got from Michaels had flat bottoms. The flat bottom has a small pre-drilled hole in it. But if you can not find wooden balls with pre-drilled flat bottoms then you must drill a hole yourself. Again using a vice will help you avoid injury. 

Step 3:

Cut the ends off the Q-Tip and stick one end into the hole you drilled in the wooden egg body with some Elmers glue. Then put the other end of the Q-Tip into the pre-drilled hole of the wooden head. Keep cutting the bottom of the Q-Tip till it is the correct length and the wooden head sits nicely on the top of the egg. Put a dab of hot glue around the edge of the egg’s hole. Then put some Elmers glue into the wooden head then place it onto the egg and firmly press down. The hot glue will help stabilize the head faster so you can continue working with out waiting for the Elmers glue to dry. 

Step 4:

Paint the bodies and head of the toppers. For my groom I did a traditional tuxedo painting the egg all back except for a white “V” that represented his tux shirt. For the bride I painted her egg body with an ivory color and used the skin color to make the dress appear to be sweetheart dress. For the hair I used brown paint and tried to mimic the hair styles my Fiancé and I would wear on our wedding day. Note: Don’t be afraid to mess up….you can always whip off what you don’t like or paint over it. For the eyes you can paint them or try to draw them in with the black marker. Since I LOVE eyeliner I drew my eyeliner on my bride. 

Details!!!! I used pearl stickers for details like the bride‘s earrings and detail on her dress….which I think made a huge difference. I used buttons for my bouquet which I glued together with the hot glue gun and then glued directly to the egg body of the bride. I also used a button for the groom’s boutonnière. I used a flower button and a small piece of netting to make a bride cage veil for the bride. For the groom’s bow tie I cut out of a piece of felt and hot glued it on to the groom’s egg body. 

Step 6:

Enjoy your unique toppers and make sure you get some good pictures of you holding them at your wedding! 

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