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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brimfield Antique Show!!!!! Love IT!!!

Brimfield Antique Show

So today was my first time going to the Brimfield Antique Show. I had heard it was huge but huge does not give it is humungous, jumbo, endless antique vintage goodness! I was there for about 6 hours and didn't even see the whole thing! There was so much to see it would be impossible to see everything that every vender had. The prices went from free to thousands of dollars. If I had the money I would right now be the proud owner or many beautiful furniture pieces. But the one that got away was a circa 1960 bar with working radio and record player. This unique furniture piece completely stole my heart. But not only was it over $1,000.00 but I would have had to buy a bigger car and bigger apartment to own it....someday! I love going to antique shows because they give me ideas for my own projects and also supply me with great one-of-a-kind pieces for my tutorials.

The things I did get were are as follows:

Circa 1960-1970 Wool Coat with Fox Fur Trim with matching skirt which I ended up paying only $80.00 for. I thought it was a total steal and the unique chic style will fit right into my closet. When I wear this coat I feel like Betty Draper from Mad Men but of course not as bitchy.

Vintage Beaded Collar for $5.00!!!! This piece is so cute and totally gives me inspiration for my own tutorial!

Shoe Box of Fabric for $3.00. There was a great tent of random fabrics and I got a shoe box filled for $3.00 which is an awesome deal!

1960 Apron with hand painted fawn for $3.00. I don't wear aprons but this beautiful apron inspires me to make a modern working wife's apron.

Painted China Plates for $1.00 a plate. I got these plates on an everything on this table is a $1.00 these plates will be great for my 3 tiered cake stands I am making for my wedding!

2 Pearl Necklaces for $1.00. I found these cute necklaces in a box of costume jewelry since they are so cheap I thought it would be worth getting the necklaces just for the pearls.

Crystal Chandelier Strands for free!!!!!! You never know when someone will just give you something for free. I found these Crystal Strands in a random box and asked how much they were and the vender gave me the 10 that were left in the box for free. I plan to used them in my center pieces for my wedding....of course tutorial to come!!!!


  1. I love that collar and those plates. I've always heard great things about Brimfield...looks like you found some awesome stuff!

  2. I totally recommend going even if you don't find anything it is a great experience and so much fun!