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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Unique DIY Bride and Bridesmaids Hangers

Unique DIY Bride and Bridesmaids Hangers

This tutorial shows a few quick ways to dress up a hanger for a bride and her bridal party on her wedding day. Since you put so much time into picking out the dress, trying on the dress, and fitting the dress…shouldn’t your dresses hanger be special for your big day. Not to mention these hangers will look great in pre-wedding pictures. Also if you make a unique hanger for each of your bridesmaids they will feel bad for calling you bridezilla behind your back for all those months….hehe!
What you will need:
  • DSMeeBee Free Hanger Organizer Pattern
  • Wooden Hangers – From my closet but you can get them at any big box store.
  • Felt - $2 a yard
  • Trim / Ribbon / Lace – $0.40 a yard
    • Your local fabric store should have some cute options for you hanger.
  • Acrylic Paint – Any color you want
  • Foam Brush
  • Large Eyelet Kit – $3
    • I got mine from my local fabric store.

  • Sewing Machine – Brother SE400
Things you will need from home:
  • Scissors
  • Hammer

Step 1:
Take your hanger(s) and paint them your desired color. Have a place step up where they can hang out to dry.

Step 2:
Get your trim out! I love trim and luckily the fabric store down the street from me has tons of them! From these two hanger examples I am using a soft rose trim and a woven trim with pearls sewn into it. All of these trim were bought from the store as they appear in the pictures. All I had to do was measure the length and cut!
Step 3:
Get your pre-measured trim and glue your trim to your hanger and let it dry laying flat. I use a mix between Elmers and hot glue because the hot glue will hole the trim down faster and the Elmers glue will hold the trim longer. Now you already have a beautiful hanger for your wedding dress for bridesmaids’ dresses. But if you want to finish the look follow steps 4-9.

Step 4: Optional
If you so happen to have a Brother SE400 sewing machine then you know embroidering a bride's or bridesmaid's name is super easy and fast. If you don't have this machine I totally suggest investing in one. The machine is $265 but totally worth it if you plan on doing your own embroidery.

Step 5:
Print out your DSMeeBee Free Hanger Organizer Pattern and cut it out and punch out the holes for the eyelets. Fold the template in half and cut it out of a piece of felt. If you embroidered the felt already cut the Organizer pattern out of the felt you already embroidered.

Step 6:
Using a pencil mark where you will cut holes through the organizer template. After the hole are marked us a pair of pointy sharp scissors to cut a small holes where your pencil marks are. Also use a pencil and push it through the small holes you already cut.

Step 7:
Get your large eyelet kit and follow the directions on the back of the package.

Step 8:
Once you have cut out your felt and put your eyelets in. Sew on the lace with a sewing machine or with a needle and thread.

Step 9:
Hang the hanger organizer on the hook of the hanger and put the necklace the bride or bridesmaids will wear and poke earrings through the front of the organizer. All of the brides or bridesmaids’ jewelry and dress will be beautifully organized in this one of a kind hanger.
This hanger is not much effort and it defiantly won’t make or break your day but it is the beautiful little details that can make a wedding extra special! ENJOY!

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