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Friday, June 1, 2012

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Signs

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Signs

As any savvy brides know it is the details that make the overall wedding décor extra special and personalized details are even better! I love these Mr. and Mrs. Back of chair signs. They are simple and I love that they have a custom cameo that match the bride and groom. I used these cameos as a “theme” in my wedding décor and stationary.

Things you will need:
  • ·         Cotton Fabric about ½ yard
  • ·         Printer Transfer to Fabric Paper
  • ·         Your design
  • ·         2 plastic frames – size up to you
  • ·         Ribbon – color up to you
  • ·         Felt  or any fabric or color of your choice
  • ·         Cardboard
  • ·         Spray Adhesive

Things from around the house:
  • ·         Cutting Mat
  • ·         Box Cutter
  • ·         Printer
  • ·         Pencil
  • ·         Iron
  • ·         Hot Glue Gun
  • ·         Scissors
  • ·         Sewing Machine – I use a sewing machine because I like to sew and it is very easy for me. If you don’t have a sewing machine this project can totally be done without one!
  • ·         Sizzix Die Cutting Machine – I always use my die cutter because it is such a huge time saver. You don’t need that many petals for this project so it you want to hand cut them it probably wouldn't take that long…..but a die cutter is an awesome investment and inspiration for future projects!

Step 1:

Make your design! If you’re not a computer geek like me you could just put the words Mr. and Mrs. and not add an image. But since I am and since this is so simple I wanted to add a custom cameo to my signs. In photoshop I simply took a photo of my husband’s silhouette and one of mine and traced it with the lasso tool and I had my cameos. Then I added the text Mr. and Mrs. and proceeded to do a test print. I suggest doing a test print because it is better than wasting your transfer paper. After I got the right size for my frames I printed onto the transfer paper. (REMEMBER TO MIRROR YOUR IMAGE AND WORDS!) If you don’t mirror your images and words then when you iron them on to the fabric they will be backwards and you will be sad. :(

Step 2:

Follow the directions for the transfer paper and you should have 2 beautiful cameos ready for framing.

Step 3:

Measure the size of the inside of the frame and trace it with a pencil on a piece of cardboard. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard into the desired size with a box cutter. Use spray adhesive on one side of one piece of cardboard and center your image onto the sticky cardboard and press down hard. Once you have glued down your image trim the edges that overlap the cardboard backing. Push your image face down into your frame and use your hot glue gun to seal the back so your image won’t move.

Step 4:

Make your garland! Measure on a back of your chair and place your frame where you want it to hang and double that length. Cut your ribbon that double length. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon to equal lengths and put them aside.

Step 5:

Cut your petals! However you cut your petals be it by hand or by die cutter make sure you cut a big pile. It is always better to have more than not enough once you start assembling. You can use felt or any fabric that suites your wedding theme.

Step 6:

Now that you have your big pile of petals you can start assembling your garlands. If you are sewing or hot gluing start by looping one end of your ribbon back onto itself to make a 2 inch loop. Depending on your chair you may want to change the way you hang your frames. I have chiavari chairs for my wedding so the little knobs at the top work perfectly to hang my signs. Start sewing or gluing on your petals to your ribbon leave a few inches as each end petal free for attaching to the frame and for making the loop that the frames will hang from.

Fold your garland back onto itself with the petals facing outward and sew or glue the garland to itself to make a large loop.I had about a 14" long garland which made my frames hang at about 7". I think this looks best if they hang too low they will be hard to read and too high they will look like they are being stretched! (Obviously glue is not nearly as strong as sewing but if your frames are light then I think it should be ok. I might add some Elmers glue at this point along with the hot glue to help reinforce your loop or even a small pin if you can hide it.) 

Step 7:

Once you have your garlands made you can start gluing them to your frame. On the back of your frame put a good amount of hot glue in the location where you want 1 garland. Glue it down from the non-loop side. Position the second garland equally on the other side of your frame and glue it down as well. Take your second piece of cardboard that you already cut in step 3 and also glue that down sandwiching the garlands for extra stability. Repeat for your second frame.

Step 8:

You have done it! You now have your very own personalized Mr. and Mrs. Signs for your wedding! These signs are great for unique photos! I love these signs because they go alone with my wedding theme and add an extra personal touch to my wedding day! ENJOY!

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